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Our education system is not consistent or affordable.  Sadly, Nevada ranks at the bottom of the nation in education.  This is not acceptable.  Our youth are our future. 
While education needs to be reinforced at home, the schools, our community, and our state must place the importance of a strong education at the top of our list of necessities for our youth.  Funding for all levels of education is inadequate, and we need better training for our teachers, as well as more competitive salaries.
College is too expensive and the middle class is being hurt.  Many families are doing okay financially, but not well enough to pay for a college education.  There are loans available, but these put students so far in debt, often in an amount similar to purchasing a house.  The United States cannot afford this.
If we reinstated a situation similar to the GI Bill, we would once again be investing in the future of the United States.  We need strong students, with a variety of skills, in order to continue to be the leader in the world.  After WWII, we had the greatest economic growth because of this investment.  We had more teachers, more engineers, and more doctors.  We didn't lack in the skills needed for a variety of fields.
We are now falling behind the rest of the world by not educating our youth for the careers and skills they need.  We are allowing them to become trapped in jobs that do not provide a livable wage. 
It is time that we start investing in America and turning our youth into strong, successful members of our communities.  Our students are our future.  We need to recognize that, by training our youth, we as a country will benefit from their education.

Committee to Elect Vance Alm
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