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Our economy is still in recovery.  The statistics of our recovery have seemed to fail to include the working American.  Sadly, big business and banks are doing well, when most of us are still struggling.  Our middle class is seeing their economic power ebb away. 

Our country has changed.  We were once proud of our manufacturing sector, the strongest in the world; able to supply the free world with all the supplies necessary to vanquish two mighty foes in World War II.  That factory work is now mostly gone.

Jobs have been shipped overseas to take advantage of cheap labor, because it was just too hard to make the upgrades to reach environmental standards, or because the job could be automated. 

It is time to take practical steps to return good paying jobs to the U.S. - to you.  We must provide the appropriate incentives to bring jobs back to this country.  Your wages must be improved.  You deserve a meaningful wage for meaningful work. 

The U.S. provided one trillion dollars to the banks because they were too big to fail.  I believe our country is too big to fail and deserves an equal investment.  If the U.S. made a similar investment in small businesses, we could create roughly twelve million new, meaningful jobs within one year. 

That same one trillion dollar investment in the banks would provide two million loans, for $500,000 each, to new businesses.  Those new businesses (assuming each hired five employees on average) would provide twelve million new jobs to the unemployed and the underemployed.  Many who are currently receiving government subsidies would be able to return to being tax payers and helping to improve the economy.  These loans could be set up on a twenty year repayment plan at the same interest rate which was charged to the banks.

It is time for you to not have to struggle to find meaningful employment.  It is time for you to not struggle to earn a meaningful wage.  It is time to bring our country back to being the strongest in the world.

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