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The health care system in the U.S. is broken.  We need a substantial change to prevent the collapse of the system.  There are a large number of systems throughout the world which are working better than our own.  I have several plans to not only fix the system, but to improve your health at the same time.

Health care has become more about having a piece of paper stating you are covered than actually providing healthcare to you, our citizens.  You may have insurance, but if you are blocked from receiving the best medications, or from access to a specialist, your insurance isn't helping you to get better.  You deserve to have access to full health care, from physicians to the best medications for your condition.

Sadly, providers are currently incentivized by how many patients they see in a day, as opposed to treating or hopefully curing patients.  If physicians received salaries, instead of pay per patient, they would endeavor to see and cure a patient, being able to offer you as much time as you need to address all of your concerns.  There would no longer be a necessity for unnecessary visits or tests. 

With the new health care system, you were promised increased access to physicians and health care.  However, the need for more primary care providers was not addressed.  There are more insured patients, but not enough physicians to care for them.  We need increased training and a new perspective on physician reimbursement to draw more primary care physicians into that specialty throughout the country.

By switching to medicine for a healthy society, or a single payer system, we can achieve this and so much more.  With a system of government-supplied health care (not health insurance), we can provide you and your loved ones with better care, better benefits, and more flexibility in your health and in your employment choices.

Best of all, I have a detailed plan where we can do all of this while putting extra money into your pocket each year, providing employers with extra money to reinvest in their businesses or employees, and reducing the national debt by hundreds of billions of dollars - in the first year.

I look forward to talking with you about the specifics of my plans and how they will work for you and for every citizen in our country.

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