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One Person, One Voice, One Vote

Of the people, by the people, for the people…Lincoln’s statement about the government of the United States of America.  It seems that far too many people now fear our government due to the perception that it doesn’t provide for the common man.  

There is great concern that we are becoming a nation of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.  

It seems that the individual doesn’t matter, that our voice is absent in the decisions our country makes.  It seems that politics is now all about money and placating the special interests.  

Complacency, apathy, and cynicism need to be replaced with a desire and goal to, once again, make America the indisputable greatest nation on earth.  If someone thinks something can’t be done, we need to show them, one by one, not only that it CAN be done, but HOW it CAN and WILL be done.  It all starts with one person, one voice, one vote, and it simply grows from there!

I believe that as a citizen your loyalties should be in this order:  to self, family, friends, community, state, and then nation.  As an elected official those loyalties must be flipped, no matter what level of government to which you are elected.  Your duties as a government official are first and foremost to your nation, lastly to your own self-interest.   Note that allegiance to party is not in either definition.  Party affiliation is the basic principle that may guide a government official, but it should not be obligatory dogma that suppresses the moral compass and thoughtful actions of an individual representative.  

As a Democrat I do feel that a strong central government must be a benefit to its citizens.  A strong government that can provide services that states, individuals or the private sector can not or will not provide in a cost effective manner for the benefit of all citizens.  That government must be responsive and under the control of its citizens, gaining power from those same citizens. That government respects the will of the people and does not ever think that it is in control of the citizens.

I hope that we, as Nevadans, can prove to the rest of the country how strongly we feel regarding the current impasse in government.  Every eligible citizen needs to cast their vote in the upcoming elections.   We need to show that Nevada is not up for sale to the candidate with the biggest bankroll.  We need to exercise our freedom to vote, before we lose that right because we failed to vote.  We need to honor all those who have fought to gain and protect those rights, by using those rights so dearly gained.  I do hope that you will agree with my ideas and will allow me to be your representative in Washington.  But even if you disagree with my ideas, as presented in the following sections, please vote!

In the following sections, you will find my thoughts, ideas, and very specific plans to make significant changes to our great nation.  These sections will be in a constant state of flow and change as I continue to expand on my plans for our future and the future of the generations to follow.  Please check in whenever you can to catch any updates!

I invite you to read through my plans and share your thoughts and ideas with me.  I also ask, if you would like to support this campaign, and this mission for America, then please share my information with as many people as possible.  Our goals, and our campaign, can only be successful if you, my fellow Nevadans, believe enough to invest in your future, in America’s future. 

Your investment in this endeavor can come in many forms.  The first is your vote and the second is your voice!  Please share my campaign cards, brochures, and contact information with as many people as you can.  Then ask that they do the same.  Share via the website, email, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, and the power of your voice.  Every voice and every contact counts.  You can also invest by volunteering.  If you can volunteer, we will appreciate you and try to utilize you in the areas where you will most excel.  The final investment potential comes from your financial contributions and those of your friends, coworkers, and families.  Receiving even a $1 contribution makes a difference!  We view your contributions as not only expressing your belief in this campaign, but as an investment in America’s future.  We gratefully accept contributions from $1.00 to $2,700.  Thank you for your investment in this campaign and in Nevada's future!

Remember, you are one person, one voice and one vote.  You have a lot of potential to make a significant impact in your future, Nevada's future, and America’s future.  Please read on for my specific plans…and please, VOTE!!!

Committee to Elect Vance Alm
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